Unifrost BC10U 10 GN Blast Chiller

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  • MODEL: BC10U Blast Chiller
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The BC10U blast chiller is an innovative and compact cooling unit designed for rapid chilling of food items in commercial kitchens. With its sleek and space-saving design, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen layout while providing powerful chilling capabilities. The BC10U utilizes advanced technology to quickly lower the temperature of hot or cooked foods, preventing bacterial growth and preserving freshness. Its precise temperature control ensures uniform chilling, maintaining the quality and flavor of the stored items. Equipped with intuitive controls and programmable settings, it offers effortless operation and customization according to specific cooling requirements. The BC10U blast chiller is the perfect solution for busy kitchens looking to enhance food safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Easy to operate
4 touch programmes
+70°C to 3°C (90 mins)
+70°C to -18°C (240 mins)
Powerful EBM fan motors
Takes GN or 400 x 600 trays
Easy to operate
Food probe included
Dixell digital controller
Chills 40Kg in 90 minutes*
Freeze 30Kg in 240 mins*
Interior: W660 x D420 x H870
Reversible door

*Portioned & Even Distribution

MODEL BC10UN Blast Chiller
TRAY CAPACITY 10(GN 1/1) or 10(400 x 600)
BLAST CHILL 40Kg in 90 mins
BLAST FREEZE 30Kg in 240 mins
DIMENSIONS W800 x D815 x H1655
POWER 1400 Watts (Plug-in)

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Product Data Sheet : BC10UN SPEC SHEET

BC5U BC10U BC14U User Manual



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