Unifrost B375 Ice Bin Storage

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  • Unifrost B375 Ice Bin Storage
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Unifrost B375 Ice Bin Storage Freezer is the premier storage freezer in the market today. Its unique design allows for maximum convenience and flexibility, with features such as adjustable temperature control, easy-to-clean interior, and a spacious interior. It also has a powerful yet energy efficient motor, ensuring it can keep your food items frozen for extended periods of time. Unifrost B375 Ice Bin Storage Freezer is the perfect choice for any home or business.

Generous storage capacity
High-quality, durable construction
Sleek, space-efficient design
Easy access for filling and cleaning
Advanced insulation technology to reduce ice melt
Ideal for commercial kitchens, bars, and hospitality venues
Enhances beverage service and customer experience
Designed for daily, high-volume use
Minimizes operational waste
Compatible with various ice machines
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