Kobar K400E Wash-Rinse/Glasswasher

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  • Model: K400E Wash-Rinse/Glasswasher

Professional glasswasher for all day use. Automatically washes up to 30 racks per hour on a fast two minute cycle. Energy saving machine that will cope with busy demand in bars, hotels and restaurants.


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Easy to use, simple controls
Completely automatic operation
Built-in rinse aid dispenser
Fast wash 2 minutes cycle
Stainless steel construction
European manufactured
Non-return water valve
Gravity empty

  • MODEL K400E
  • DIMENSIONS W470 x D525 x H720
  • POWER 2.7Kw (Plug-in)
  • BASKET SIZE 400 x 400
  • WASTE 30mm
  • WEIGHT 41.2kg
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Product Data Sheet: K400E Wash-Rinse/Glasswasher



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