Kobar K400 Max Wash-Rinse-Drain Glasswasher

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  • MODEL K400 Max

K400 MAX is a highly specced glasswasher with built in drain pump, detergent and rinse aid pumps. Economic and seamless operation that includes great performance for every day cleaning of glassware, cups and saucers. Safely wash and rinse glassware at the touch of a button.

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Completely automatic operation
Built-in detergent and rinse pumps
Drain pump included
Fast hygienic wash cycle
Stainless construction
Double walled door
Rotating wash and rinse arms
Non-return water valve

  • MODEL K400 Max
  • DIMENSIONS W470 x D525 x H720
  • POWER 2.7Kw (Plug-in)
  • CYCLE TIME 2 mins
  • BASKET SIZE 400 x 400
  • WASTE 25mm
  • WEIGHT 42.7kg
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Product Data Sheet: K400-MAX Spec



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